Croeni Foundation

Healthier, happier Humans and Animals.

Our Causes:

Efficient philanthropy


Advancing a transparent society of efficient givers for measurable results.

Biodiversity conservation


Conserving biodiversity, protecting habitat, and keeping species safe and from going extinct.

Happier, longer lives


Protecting, maintaining and restoring
lives and life quality affected by
age, disease and emergencies.


Meaningful Vision

Our vision is to enable people, animals and charities to be happier and healthier longer. It’s our belief that the prevalent consumption-oriented lifestyle is unsustainable and new ways have to be found to live in harmony and to preserve the planet.

Grants and Support

We offer grants to selected long-term partners who dive to the root of problems, are accountable, and aim to make themselves redundant within a clear time frame.

Long-Term Commitment

We are committed to our grants and programs until at least 2025, allowing partners and initiatives to continuously fine-tune and stay focused on generating the highest possible impact within the next decade.

Own Initiatives

We kick-start and develop our own initiatives with promise for high impact, until a suitable partner can take them them to the next level.

Tangible Impact

Tangible impact is at the heart of everything we do and how we measure the success of our endeavors. We are actively involved in our projects, providing consultancy and support, and periodically reevaluating them to ensure their relevancy.

Prizes and Awards

With incentivized prizes and prestigious awards, we recognize the good being done and create social good which is more than the sum of its parts.


The major challenges of this millennium:

We aim to advance a transparent society of efficient charitable givers for measurable results. All stakeholder, – be it donors, fundraisers, charities, or beneficiaries – should get meaningful results based on well executed ideas, actionable knowledge and transparent processes.

Grants and Programs (2015-2020)

Between 2015 and 2020, we make grants improving all or some of the parts along the Chain of Giving:

Chain of Giving


  1. Fundraising: Raising More Better
  2. Advocacy & Policies: Transparency for Better Giving
  3. Accountability: Higher Impact

Our Success Is Measured In

  • Improvements along the Chain of Giving (above), and
  • Impact as meaningfully defined by charities for their beneficiaries.
We envision a world in which biodiversity is appreciated and protected, species are safe and survive, and habitat is protected.


Grants and Programs (2015-2018)

Between 2015 and 2018, we make grants in all or some of the following areas to support biodiversity conservation, primarily of primates & their habitat in Southeast Asia and Madagascar.


  1. Animal Welfare, Species Survival, and Habitat Protection
  2. Animal Rights & Law Enforcement
  3. Tech for Conservation (Anti-Wildlife trafficking, Interspecies)
  4. “Almost Famous” – Conservation grant for least popular animals

Our Success Is Measured In Healthy Active Life Years Added

  • To a species population or
  • To individuals of these species
We aim to protect, maintain and restore lives and life quality affected by Aging and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), as well as to improve survival in emergency situations.

Grants and Programs (2015-2020)

Between 2015 and 2020, we make grants to support partners striving for an optimal health and life span in all or some of the following areas.


  1. Maintenance of optimal health span in aging
  2. Early diagnosis / prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)
  3. Emergency interventions to save more lives in critical situations
  4. Wearable health tech for early diagnosis, prevention and restoration

Our Success Is Measured In

  • Healthy active life years added
  • Increased quality of life years lived, and
  • Less life years lost

“We wanted to make the best for the most for the least.”Charles and Ray Eames


The Croeni Foundation is a proactive grantmaker only.
Grants are awarded at our discretion, on the basis of
our own interests, experience, and informed expert advice.

We identify and support the best organizations and exceptional individuals
who operate in a sustainable, cost-effective, scientifically sound and ethical manner.
By developing mutual, thoughtful relationships with our grantees, we hope to build on past successes
to make grants with maximum and lasting impact.

Please note that we do not accept or reply to unsolicited proposals.

Grantmaking Process

January - March

Grantees for the current year are finalized.


Selected grants are awarded.

May - December

Evaluation of next year’s grantees.

Each Year

Grantees per year

Average Grant Size (USD)

Total Grant Volume p.a. (USD)


A selection of our grants, own initiatives and awards.

Singapore Leaders of Tomorrow (SLoT) Competition

2016, Grants, Health

Charity Quotient

2016, Giving, Initiatives

Bio-ideate Award


2016, Award, Health

Museomics – Aviarian NGS

2016, Environment, Grants

Quick Response Biodiversity Fund (SEA)

2016, Environment

Almost Famous Award

2015, Award, Environment

ASAP! Species on the brink (ASAP!)

2015, Environment

Conservation Enterprise Development Program (CEDP), WCS, Southeast Asia

2015, Environment, Impact Investing

Primate Conservation (Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project)

2015, 2016, Environment

Lemur Conservation (BZS)

2015, Environment, Grants

Regenerative Medicine (SENS Research Foundation)

2015, Grants, Health

Biology of Aging Conference, Singapore (A*STAR/NUHS)

2015, Aging, Grants, Health

Primate Conservation (Orangutan Outreach)

2015, Environment, Grants

Conservation News (Mongabay)

2015, 2016, Environment, Grants

Longitudinal Aging Studies (SLAS/BASE, CMR)

2015, Grants, Health

Foundation in Numbers

Grants Awarded

Projects Started

Strategic Partners

Year Established

About Jan Croeni

Meet the founder.

Jan Croeni Jan Croeni Founder, Director

Croeni Foundation was set up by German born Jan Croeni, a serial entrepreneur-turned philanthropist who decided to contribute his time and energy to create a better world.

Based in Singapore, he is an active mentor, advisor and investor at start-ups and incubators, with a special focus on cause-related ventures, social enterprises and for-impact companies.

In his early thirties, Jan co-founded and managed companies which raised USD10+ million, exited with USD50+ million, went IPO (ASX:iBY, market capitalization of USD100+ million, 12/2013), and employed 250+ staff reaching out to millions of customers in Southeast Asia; all within a period of few years in diverse areas such as electric mobility, online shopping, and food delivery.

The biggest – and most interesting! – challenge, however, is giving back to society now.

To give away money is an easy matter and in any man’s power. But to decide to whom to give it and how large and when, and for what purpose and how, is neither in every man’s power nor an easy matter.Aristotle

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