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Croeni Foundation was established in early 2015 by serial entrepreneur-turned-philanthropist Jan Croeni, after sales and IPO of his companies.

Our foundation comprises of a group of organizations and entities, including a charitable trust in Liechtenstein, the Croeni Foundation Ltd and a donor-advised-fund managed by the California Community Foundation in Los Angeles, USA.

Our Vision

Our vision is a truly harmonic, compassionate and liveable world, in which biodiversity is appreciated and protected, and in which all humans and animals enjoy wellbeing and health throughout their entire lives.

Our Causes

Our causes address the major challenges of this millennium: giving, environment, health and society, specifically advancing efficient and high impact philanthropy, environmental protection and biodiversity conservation, and lifelong health and wellbeing.

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives are designed to seed and grow evidence-based impact, incentivize solutions, and recognize good deeds through prestigious awards and prizes. They are carefully selected based on recommendations of our community.

Our Partners

Our partners represent the best organizations and exceptional individuals operating in sustainable, efficient and ethical ways. By developing thoughtful and lasting relationships with them, we achieve more profound impact.

Our Impact

Our impact stands at the heart of everything we do and how we measure the success of our endeavours. Instead of financial impetus, we focus on results which matter to all humans and animals: healthy, active life years filled with wellbeing.

Our Team

Our team consists of a worldwide network of volunteers, freelancers and other partners, connected by our principal. This distributed work structure enables us to operate in a lean, flexible and efficient manner.

We are always keen on hearing from partners working in related fields or sponsors searching to support high-impact projects.

Please contact us to explore partnership and sponsorship opportunities.