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Current Open Positions

Awards Manager

Croeni Foundation aims to improve life and life quality for humans and animals worldwide and support causes that address giving, environment and health.

We firmly believe in the transformative power brought about by recognizing and rewarding desirable behavior and real-world actions with measurable impact. By incentivizing the ingenuity and resourcefulness of individuals and organizations, we raise awareness and funding for worthwhile causes.

We are currently looking for a self-driven, independent and disciplined Awards Manager who will work closely together with our Principal and other team members. Subject to your interest and previous experience (sales and marketing background highly advantageous), you might be able to focus on developing an area of your interest (e.g. giving, environment, health or society) or on specific awards. Please find an overview of our awards here and a case study of a specific award here.

Job Nature

Intern, volunteer or freelancer (min 10 hours per week), subject to your experience and background.


Global, but preferably in Singapore, Hong Kong or Australia. You must be able to legally carry out your duties in your country of residence, we do not provide work visa sponsorships.

Starting Date


Duties and responsibilities

  • Research and development – manage and expand our database of potential award partners; create metric system to analyze and improve awards to measure success and increase outreach and impact.
  • Promote our awards via social media, online advertisements and newsletters on a regular basis. Engage with the partners and entrants, build buzz and community around our awards. Develop, organize and manage campaigns to achieve highest possible social impact and conversion rate.
  • Identify sponsors and partners for our awards to reward participants and successful entrants. Cold email, call and contact corporations and donors to develop sustainable long-term relationships and win them over to support our awards with funding for positive impact.

Please email us at and explain to us why you are the right person for the job, what drives you, and highlight your relevant past experience and successes. Outline what you would do in your first month and what a perfect job looks like to you. Please also provide links to your online resume (e.g. LinkedIn) or other presence (e.g. your personal website); do not send us any attachments, we will not open them.

We are always keen on hearing from partners working in related fields or sponsors searching to support high-impact projects.

Please contact us to explore partnership and sponsorship opportunities.