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Acknowledging Champions of Charity

The Best Giving Award acknowledges the champions of charity for the best and the most efficient fundraising and marketing campaigns.

All participants—NGOs and charities—will benefit from the shared experiences of outstanding examples of great fundraising.

Donors will be able to gain the highest leverage per dollar donated by donating to the Best Giving Award winners (in other words, to get the best bang for their buck).


  1. Best Fundraiser, external
  2. Best Fundraiser, internal


  • 1st place: SGD1,000 for best internal fundraiser and SGD1,000 for best external fundraiser


  • March 15, 2018

How to Enter

Please submit your application electronically by the deadline date by emailing us at with the subject line of “Best Giving Award Submission”. Your submission should contain the following information:

  • Proof beyond doubt of your fundraising ratios achieved. Please specify your average/worst/best fundraising ratios over the past 2 years as fundraising cost vs funds raised, e.g. USD1 : USD20 = 1:20, and clearly demonstrate how you calculated them.
  • A plan detailing how you would use the prize for future fundraising in case you win the award.

Terms & Conditions

  • The total amount of funds you raised over the past 2 years must be at least USD10,000.
  • The prize money must be used for fundraising campaigns or to optimize fundraising capabilities within 3 months after the award.
  • After receiving the award, a report of successful completion of the fundraising campaign leveraging the prize money is expected to be submitted to Croeni Foundation.
  • Final award decision is subject to Croeni Foundation which reserves the right to not award the prizes.