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Rewarding Highest Evidence-Based Impact

The Impact Awards recognize the highest impact achieved and excellence in reporting.

We invite charities, NGOs and social enterprises to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt how much money was used to generate how much impact. Impact does not mean how many dollars were spent, but rather how much good was achieved for the beneficiaries of a cause.

Efficient grantees will have the opportunity to reach out to potential future grantmakers and grantmakers will get to know new impactful grantees to support and achieve their mission.

Advancing transparency enables more efficient grant making which means that more impactful organizations are supported and more social good is achieved faster.


  • 1st place: SGD5,000 (for small organizations) or SGD1,000 (for big organizations) or SGD0 (for very big ones)


  • March 15, 2018


  1. Compile a report explaining your impact beyond any reasonable doubt and in an evidence-based manner. To compare impact between different organizations in the same or similar fields, it is important to define impact units clearly (for example, how many lives were saved per dollars spent, how many acres of habitat protected, etc.). Reports must be crystal clear in argumentation and communicate challenges, solutions and impact achieved.
  2. Upload the report to a publicly available section of your website. Grant us the permission to include the report in our “Impact Award Report” section, so that it can be evaluated by the general public, the jury and the future grantmakers. Every application will remain online, even if unsuccessful.
  3. After internal pre-screening, the top 10 highest impact reports will be judged by a jury of leading charities in your field. If your impact requires clarification, the jury might request you to provide additional information.
  4. The award will be bestowed upon the nominee with the highest impact as confirmed by the jury. The rest of the nominees will be listed as honorary.
  5. If the report presented by the winning nominee is later discovered to be inaccurate, factually incorrect or intentionally misleading, we reserve the right to request the return of the awarded prize.

How to Enter

Please submit your application electronically by emailing us the copy of your report as a PDF file not exceeding the size of 2MB, the link to it in a publicly accessible section of your website and your contact and background information at with the subject line of “Impact Award Submission”.