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Imagining the Future of Prosthetic Limbs

This playful but constructive award recognizes dreamers, thinkers and makers imagining the future of prosthetic limbs, hands and feet.

Prosthetic limbs are usually built to make their user fit in according to the original human blueprint. But what about hands with eight fingers which can bend not just inwards, but also outwards, upwards or downwards? Why are prosthetic legs built like human legs and not like those of a kangaroo? What can we adapt in our prosthetic arm design from octopuses, birds or moles? There is no limit to imagination.

The rEVO Limbs Award raises awareness and funds for NGOs and charities working on improving lives of people with limb or mobility loss. Participants and audience alike benefit from recognizing innovators for their creative open source solutions.

By sharing, everyone—the community and the charities—benefit and grow together.


  • 1st place: SGD500
  • 2nd place: SGD250
  • 3rd place: SGD100

The prize will be split equally between the winner of the award and the chosen NGO/charity.


  • March 31, 2018

How to Participate

  1. Produce a working prototype and blueprint of a new creative prosthetic limb, hand or foot.
  2. Dedicate your prototype to your own favourite charity or non-profit to support their mission to enable people with limb or mobility loss.
  3. Ask your favourite charity to help spread the word to win the prize and share awareness for their mission.
  4. Share pictures and/or a video story with the working prototype in action on the Facebook page or other social media channel of your selected favourite organization with the hashtag #rEVOLimbs.
  5. The entry with the most likes and shares stands a chance to win, subject to final decision by organizer of the award.
  6. On the day of the deadline, please send an email to with the subject of “rEVO Limbs Award Submission” and containing the following information:
    • One screenshot showing your post with the most likes and shares,
    • The URL pointing to the post,
    • Your first and last name,
    • And the charity you supported.
  7. Only winners will be contacted via email and announced within 4 weeks after the deadline at (coming soon).

Terms & Conditions

  • Prototype must be new and not won other competition or challenge.
  • Prototype must be working based on functionally sound design.
  • Prototype may be playful but constructive, and functional, not just aesthetically pleasing.
  • Prototype does not have to be used or demonstrated by the participant.
  • All participants agree to publish the blueprint of their prototype online free of charge and as open source, and allow all relevant charities and NGOs to publish the blueprint with credentials on their own pages.
  • Prototypes should be priced reasonable to make them affordable for the masses, built with available resources. This is especially important for less developed countries.
  • The organizer reserves the right to not bestow any prize for whatever reason without any justification.

Please find more information about all rEVO blueprints and winning submissions at (coming soon).