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Improving Surveillance Network to Protect Wellbeing

The “Safe Public Places” Challenge aims to use the millions of eyes in public and private security cameras to protect wellbeing and lives of citizens. Citizens cannot avoid camera surveillance any longer, be it in public places, inside public transportation, in shops or other urban spaces. However, the potential of the existing visual surveillance network to make citizens in public places safer is still largely untapped.

Imagine how many lives could be saved if cameras would automatically recognize the characteristic signs of violence, accidents or specific emergency gestures by citizens, similar to visual signalling between ground aircraft marshallers and pilots? How could cameras be connected and what software could be used to alert relevant authorities of crime in progress or the need for ambulance during medical emergencies?


  • 1st place: SGD1,000
  • 2nd place: SGD500
  • 3rd place: SGD100


  • March 1, 2018


Improvements to the existing surveillance network to save lives through open source software and standards. At least one of the following has to be delivered:

  • International standard of emergency gestures for surveillance camera operators, to be published open source.
  • Software capable of automatically and reliably recognizing: (a) human emergency gestures (e.g. waiving arms for SOS), or (b) violent encounters in progress, such as e.g. drawn guns, knife attacks, kidnapping, or (c) medical emergencies, such as car accidents or heart attacks, or (d) potentially life threatening fires or floodings, etc.
  • Automatic and reliable alert system of relevant authorities (police, hospitals, firefighters) as soon as an emergency is recognized.
  • Software must be a working prototype usable in concurrence with existing major camera software to allow rapid adoption.

How to Enter

Entries must be submitted electronically by the deadline at with the subject “Safe Public Spaces Challenge Submission” and providing a link to a working prototype online or available for download for testing by the general public.