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Conserving Biodiversity, Protecting Species, Supporting Animal Wellbeing

We envision a world in which biodiversity is appreciated and protected, species thrive and not just barely survive, and habitat is preserved.

Our foundation supports biodiversity conservation, primarily of primates and lesser-known endangered animals and their habitat in Southeast Asia and Madagascar. We also support courageous and passionate individuals, initiatives and organizations who fight every day for animal welfare, species survival and habitat protection.

During 2015 – 2016, Croeni Foundation supported conservation of the world’s most endangered primates, such as orangutans and the Vietnamese Cat Ba langurs, protected habitat through rain forest purchase in the unique Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia, gave a voice to Southeast Asia’s critically endangered Almost Famous Species on the brink of extinction, and funded awareness and high-quality environmental conservation news organization, Mongabay.

In 2017, we continue our efforts to raise awareness for Almost Famous animals and Species on the Brink of extinction, and are exploring ways to include primates of Madagascar, lemurs. Our Ape Hero Award and Ape Counter initiatives support champions of primate conservation while the Primate Innovation Award incentivizes synergies in conservation and the IMPACTads encourage stricter advertising rules to prevent animal abuse in the media.

The Avian Evolution Laboratory aims to preserve future for endangered birds by analysing genomes of the past and Our Food explores the future of urban food production for safe, sufficient and sustainable sustenance.