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Advancing Philanthropy for Truly Charitable Societies Worldwide

We aim to advance a transparent society of efficient charitable givers for measurable results. All stakeholders—be it donors, fundraisers, charities, or beneficiaries—should receive meaningful outcomes based on transparent processes, actionable knowledge and well executed ideas. Our impact is measured in increased life years and wellbeing, monetary or time donations, and other tangible resources.

Our objective is to improve efficiency from the first donor to the last beneficiary in order to achieve higher impact.

Beneficiaries experience more or higher impact if efficiency between donors, fundraisers and charities is increased. Therefore, we advance charitable giving through a number of initiatives, developed to raise more awareness and funds, give more efficiently and transparently, and achieve more tangible impact.

Through GiveWise, we collaborate with other major donors and grant makers to learn from the past and give wiser tomorrow. We reward transparent, impactful charities with our Impact Awards, identify the most promising and efficient charities with the Best Giving Awards, help kickstart new meaningful initiatives with seedIMPACT and help non-profits and charities to scale up with growIMPACT. Via IMPACTads, we aim to leverage unused advertising spaces and achieve transparent advertising for truly informed and protected donors.

Charity Quotient inspires giving through transparent donations and rewards top donors. Young philanthropists of tomorrow learn to become efficient donors and grantmakers via Young Giver while supporting their communities with meaningful initiatives they are passionate about. As part of our Impact Fellowship, we share experience, ideas and time with social enterprises and exceptional social entrepreneurs to become part of their success story.

To raise more awareness and funds, we improve structures and uncover underutilized potential in tax donations with ChariTAX and tap into the power of art to evoke emotions with Charity Art.