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Happier and Healthier Animals and Humans

We aim to protect, maintain and restore lives and life quality affected by aging and noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), as well as to improve chances of survival in emergency situations. How can we maintain, restore or advance wellbeing and health of animals and humans throughout their entire lives, young or old, rich or poor?

Our initiatives support partners striving for optimal health and life span, utilizing wearable/mobile health technology for early diagnosis, prevention and restoration, and saving more lives in critical situations.

With AGE100, we aim to achieve healthy aging for everyone, through Healthmarkers we track overall health, measured as health quotient. The IMPACTads initiative hopes to redefine aging and allocate resources for evidence-based fight against decline and illness.

To prevent avoidable deaths and illnesses, we crowd-source innovative image recognition solutions for Saving Lives with Selfies and tap into citizen science to avoid foodborne diseases and find health solutions.

Lastly, to increase life quality, Giving Mobility returns autonomy to people who lost the ability to move due to age, illness or accident, and encourages innovative solutions through sharing daily life hacks or revolutionary ideas.