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Our impact is measured directly in additional life years and quality adjusted life years, and indirectly in higher awareness or funds affecting life years and wellbeing.

Primary Impact Units

Life Year (LY)

Life year(s) in full health. 1 year in perfect health is considered equal to 1 QALY.

Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY)

A year of life adjusted for its quality or its value. A year in perfect health is considered equal to 1 QALY and the value of a year in ill health or disability is discounted. For example, a year spent bedridden due to sickness or old age might have a value of only 0.5 QALY. Worldwide, humans might live 80 years, but only enjoy 50 years in good health due to 30 quality adjusted life years.

Delta Life Years (ΔLY)

The difference between life years before and after intervention. If, for example, the average life span is 80 years, but the person dies at the age of 40, the ΔLY is -40, meaning 40 life years were lost. Saving lives of children and protecting their wellbeing is one of the best interventions possible, considering the ΔLY of average adult life span minus the age of death of the child.

Secondary Impact Units

Individuals for Species Survival (ISS)

Some species are on the brink of extinction. In such cases we measure our impact in survival of the species, with number of individuals as impact units. Every species needs a minimum number of individuals to survive as a healthy species.

Awareness (A)

Awareness raised for causes and how this translates directly or indirectly into life years or additional funds. For example, public health campaign aimed at reducing smoking can save millions of life years.

Funds or Time ($/hrs)

Funds raised for causes, leveraged or reallocated to better causes, and how this translates directly into life years. If, for example, new advertising policies reduce consumption of harmful foods and reallocate dollars spent towards healthier diets, the health impact on a population level can be measured.

We are always keen on hearing from partners working in related fields or sponsors searching to support high-impact projects.

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