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Leveraging Art's Power for Positive Impact

Art has the power to evoke compassion and connect people’s hearts with charitable causes worth supporting. Although created with the best intentions, art donations are often ad-hoc, one-off and unstrategic, which ultimately leads to them being less beneficial than they could be for all parties involved—artists, charities and beneficiaries.

Some key questions to consider are: How could charities and artists bring more transparency into art donations and work together in a more structured, efficient way? How could artists make more impactful art donations for charitable purposes while at the same time sustain themselves? Which policies and laws (e.g. tax deductions) could enable better charitable giving to charities via art?

Based on the above questions, we invite stakeholders to discuss suggestions and express their interest in collaborating with ideas, time, money or other means on the following initiatives:

  • Best practices of artists, charities and corporate sponsors: share the best way to implement art donations, raise funds with art, your personal learning (good and bad), and the best ways to divide funds raised. We intend to publish the compiled best practices and share for free among all stakeholders, either on a separate webpage, as a downloadable pdf file or as an art piece itself. Anonymity will be guaranteed upon request and credit given otherwise.
  • Transparent Charity Art: Suggestions on how to clearly communicate charitable giving on the artwork and/or supporting marketing materials (e.g. “Artist to charity split: 80%/20%” of revenues or net profits).
  • charitABLE ARTSociety: Setting up a Charity Art Society to communicate clearly to artists, charities and the public how art can support charities to raise awareness and funds, with suggested best practices, and an overview about all charitable art and leverage.
  • Artist Pledge: We invite artists and art associations to pledge a minimum donation amount per year ($500, $10,000, etc.), announce their pledge, which charity they pledge to donate to via their online channels (website, social media) and whether the donations are unrestricted or for a specific purpose (e.g. “new children’s hospital ward”).
  • Donor Pledge: We invite corporate sponsors, such as art schools and other organizations which regularly donate to charities, to do even better by setting specific targets for specific charities to achieve (e.g. “raise $10,000 for a new school in Cambodia this year, raise $10,000 for school supplies next year, etc.”). Simply put, we invite more thoughtful strategic giving, less last minute one time only events.

Please contact us to unleash the power of charitable art donations.