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Inspiring Giving

Driven by the desire to make the world a better place, we realized that publicly sharing one’s kindness generates more kindness. As a matter of fact, transparency about one’s giving encourages others to also give more. Charity is infectious! We want to encourage kindness worldwide by making charitable giving transparent. Hence we started Charity Quotient, abbreviated as CQ, which measures charitable giving as the a sum of total donations in cash and in-kind.

Too often the word “charity” only refers to an NGO or organization. However, we firmly believe that charity is a virtue and practice of kind-hearted individuals committing good deeds for those in need, either via donating cash or in-kind by generously volunteering time.

Individuals and organizations can register at and track how much money they donated or how many hours they volunteered to make the world a better place. The unit of Charity Quotient is both measured in currency and time, for example: Charity Quotient: USD 5,000 and 500 volunteer hours.

Charities and non-for-profits often struggle to retain donors or volunteers. With Charity Quotient, they can reward their benefactors and give them the recognition they deserve. Charities can upload donations on behalf of their benefactors and thus encourage them to keep giving.

Donors, grant makers or fundraisers, can make better decisions and offer better support with‘s reliable data about current donation trends and donor behavior.

Inspire more giving and be acknowledged for good deeds with Charity Quotient. Join other selfless individuals and organizations to encourage more charitable actions and light the fire of giving in others. is a Croeni Foundation initiative to increase efficient giving through transparency and to advance a more philanthropic civil society.

Beta launch: August 1, 2016.