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How Can Everyday Citizens Save Lives
and Improve Wellbeing with Science?

Citizen science has a huge potential to preserve lives and wellbeing thanks to technologies such as the internet, 3D printing, gene editing or nanosatellites. Nowadays common citizens enable ill, old and sick to walk again, give new hands to amputees, track and observe health at home, monitor rainforest fires from space, and democratize space exploration.

Citizen science is already frequently used to support academic or industrial research, analyse DNA in dog faeces on one’s lawn to identify the culprit, look for pathogens in urban subways or produce glowing plants for entertainment.

We firmly believe that citizen science has a lot more potential to improve lives.

Please click on the below initiatives to find out more about them, or contact us for project proposals or sponsorship.

Our Citizen Science Initiatives

Bio-Ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition

Bio-Ideate Asia-Pacific Biohacking Competition and Croeni Foundation announce the launch of the “BIO-IDEATE-DIY Asian Biohack Award”. This award entitles biohackers with cash awards…

Saving Lives With Selfies

Saving Lives with Selfies

Saving Lives with Selfies is a health challenge for automatic recognition of diseases via video footage and photos to prevent…