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Improving Health with the Markers of Healthy Longevity

Prevention of illness and early death requires reliable actionable measurement of good health and resilience with the help of essential health markers. This is even more important if we want to enable humans to enjoy 100 healthy life years from birth until the age of 100.

To achieve optimal health at any age, we need to understand which health markers indicate optimal health during different life stages, what values these health markers should have, and how this knowledge translates to practical applications and health benefits for any individual in both developing and developed countries.

Examples of invasive and non-invasive health markers include frailty, exhaustion level, muscle grip strength, weight loss, walking speed, exercise or physical activity levels, body temperature, heart rate and its variability, cholesterol level, osteoporosis, inflammation levels, telomere length, etc. Health markers could be measured in absolute or relative values, or in recommended ranges.

We invite researchers, academia, industry and the general public to contribute health markers known to them, addressing these two questions:

  • What are the top 10 – 25 essential health markers in general or in specific areas (e.g. eyes, muscles), what are considered “healthy” values for these health markers, and which actions could be taken to maintain the health markers in a healthy range?
  • What are the top 10 most undervalued health markers which are currently not yet measured (or not often enough), but could have a considerable positive impact on human health span?

All health markers suggested will be made available at (coming soon), sorted according to the criteria suggested. These health markers will build the foundation to determine someone’s health with Healthquotient.

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