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Accessible, Nutritious Food for Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Food security and production worldwide is one of the major challenges of the 21st century and paramount for our survival as a species. How can accessible, nutritious diet be brought to all human beings to achieve ‘Zero Hunger’ (UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goal’ No. 2)?

We invite relevant stakeholders to partner up and suggest initiatives for our food system to become more sufficient, safe, secure and sustainable. Proposals shall be compiled and published online.

Key questions to consider:

  1. How can sufficient food be made accessible to everyone anytime, not only in good times, but also during emergencies?
  2. How can safe food be made reliably available for consumption to prevent hundreds of millions of people falling victim to foodborne diseases resulting in illness and death?
  3. How can we transition from vulnerable dependency on food imports to self-reliant and secure domestic food production and distribution?
  4. How can the existing food production and distribution system be improved for healthier, more sustainable food while reducing emissions and animal suffering at the same time?

Our Our Food Initiatives

Makanpreneur Accelerator Program

Makanpreneur Accelerator Program

We invite aspiring food entrepreneurs to apply for Makanpreneur, the first accelerator program to develop sustainable food alternatives, with total…