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Empowering Citizens for Safety

All human beings deserve to enjoy life and wellbeing in peaceful, non-violent and safe societies.  Too often violence, be it in form of war or physical or psychological assault, results in avoidable loss of lives or significantly reduced quality of life.

Hence, how could societies be empowered to safeguard their own wellbeing?

Taking a public health approach, violence can be compared to a highly contagious epidemic. Violence, like diseases, cannot be cured by spreading it further. Violence cannot cure violence.

Stopping and preventing outbreaks of direct violence within a society is an important objective. Equally important is to stop future outbreaks by addressing the root causes of conflicts.

Our initiatives aim to reduce loss of lives to violence as well as to prevent the root causes of disharmony, such as failed integration and racism, which might lead to feelings of hostility and ultimately physical assault.

Our Safe Society Initiatives

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