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Bringing Exceptional Initiatives to Life

Our seedIMPACT brings to life exceptional initiatives with potential to raise funds and awareness for significant impact.

We ignite individuals’ and corporations’ passion for compassion, seed impact for tangible good and support initiatives that prove themselves to be successful over time to grow impact later. By providing for them today, we hope our successful seeds will similarly provide for other organizations tomorrow.

We seed high impact via awards and initiatives, by encouraging direct donations and donor-advised funds (DAFs), and through managed grantor-advised-programs (GAPs).

Charitable Awards and Initiatives

Do good as a student and learn effective philanthropy and life skills as a Young Giver and stand a chance to win our annual Young Giver Award.

Make the best out of your career as a young professional and earn to give.

Pledge parts of your future fortune made through your start-up today to charity and take the founder’s pledge.

Support the meaningful causes of our extraordinary partners, such as Mongabay or Red Apes, or our own awards and initiatives.

Donor-Advised-Funds (DAFs)

For individuals and companies, the most efficient way to do good might be to set up a quick and easy donor-advised-fund (DAF) for long-term giving.

We offer free advice for meaningful and serious ideas that address charitable challenges and, under certain circumstances, provide matching funds to kickstart new DAFs. DAFs are not managed by us, but by host organizations, such as Community Foundation of Singapore or California Community Foundation.

A great example of a well-executed donor-advised-fund is the Leonardo DiCaprio DAF, which is dedicated to saving endangered species and conserving biodiversity worldwide. For celebrities and persons of public interest, DAFs represent a great way to help non-profits and achieve substantial good in and with their name, funded by 3rd parties.

Grantor-Advised-Programs (GAPs)

Occasionally grantors identify gaps that address major challenges facing meaningful initiatives, but lack the right partners to execute them.

In exceptional cases, Croeni Foundation might be open to management of GAPs (grantor-advised-programs), and might assist in covering core expenses (such as HR or admin) internally or offer matching funds. A compelling mission aligned with our principles and defining the impact goals, a clear way to achieve them (i.e. via awards, initiatives or grants), and 100% 3rd party funding for at least 3 years must be available.

We welcome external partners to help us seed impact via charitable awards and initiatives, through donor-advised-funds (DAFs) with host organizations, in cooperation with celebrities, or establish grantor-advised-programs (GAPs) in collaboration with us.

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