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Improving Sustainable Livelihoods and Solving Social Challenges

Social enterprises represent an important part of the social innovation ecosystem. They are run by dedicated individuals and social entrepreneurs who are able to address urgent social and environmental issues, who are inclusive towards their employees and provide economic benefits to disadvantaged groups.

Social enterprises are a means to an end. The end is improved sustainable livelihoods or solved social challenges.

Our foundation does not invest directly in social enterprises, provide seed or growth capital, or take stakes in individual social enterprises. However, in rare cases we might invest via incubators or accelerators.

If you are a social entrepreneur looking for support, please join social incubators or accelerators, or find out more about our Impact Fellowships.

We are happy to explore collaborations with multipliers, matching grantmakers and ecosystem shapers fitting our overall vision of advancing philanthropy, environmental conservation and healthy aging. Please contact us to explore these opportunities.

Our Social Enterprises Initiatives

Conservation Enterprise Development Program

Conservation Enterprise Development Program

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