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Empowering Youth to Give Back Within Their Local Community

Our vision is a nationwide network of young people empowered to give back to society and supported by a strong ecosystem to achieve social good.

Educating the next generation to advance a philanthropic society is an important investment into our future. After all, today’s youth will decide how compassionate, just and livable our society is tomorrow.

Empowering youth early to do good and make the right decisions as young givers allows them to learn to shape society in a positive way and become valuable citizens during the process.

Young Giver is a unique initiative where grants are given directly by young people to projects close to their heart within their local communities. A community could be a district, such as  Woodlands or Katong, a school or any other sizeable group. At least 3 young givers are required to start a Young Giver Community (YGC) in which they plan and make decisions about their own projects.

Every quarter, young givers may give out to SGD1,000 for any project of their choice, as long as it is for the good of the community or has a charitable nature. Different Young Giver Communities can pool together their resources for larger projects and raise additional funds from 3rd parties and through crowdfunding platforms.

Although adult mentors support the young givers, the responsibility of grant decisions lies entirely with the young people themselves, providing them with room for personal growth. All young givers pledge to give efficiently as taught during initial kick-off workshops and feedback sessions.

Monthly Young Giver meetings are a great learning experience to develop self-esteem, leadership, organization and important social skills while sharing ideas, giving feedback and planning.

Young givers will evaluate every project through an impact report detailing their expectations and actual experience. Expert advisers may suggest how even more impact might have been achieved. Reports and feedback will be displayed online to serve as a compilation of case studies for all young givers to peruse, learn from, and ultimately assist them in becoming more mature and better givers.

Once a year, the Young Giver Award will reward outstanding individuals who make the best giving decisions in their community and positively touch most lives.

Young Giver is not just a grant making community. It’s a community of change makers in the making.

Become a Young Giver

  1. You are 14 – 21 years of age and would like to be a change maker and agent for good. You wish to experience personal growth, learn social skills for career development and become happy by making others happy.
  2. Register at (coming soon) with your personal details, specifying in which community you would like to do good.
  3. As soon as at least 3 young givers apply for the same community and are approved, the young giver community is started.
  4. A workshop will be conducted which will explain the Young Giver model and efficient giving. At the workshop, you will learn to make good philanthropic decisions by learning top notch impact assessments.
  5. Decide with your Young Giver team which projects in your community to support every quarter with up to SGD1,000.
  6. Raise additional funds for your projects via crowd sourcing platforms to benefit from matching grants of sponsors (who benefit from positive exposure).
  7. Benefit from monthly Young Giver exchanges and additional workshops in social entrepreneurship with our partners (subject to availability).
  8. Evaluate your impact with your expert advisers. Become a better giver while having fun at the same time.
  9. Grow with other young givers as a person, build your social network and learn skills valuable for personal life and your career. Get to know the meaning of life, discover compassion through following your passion and improve other people’s lives.

Support Young Givers

We are looking for partners working with youth for synergies in project managing, youth education, marketing and giving.  Our vision is a nationwide network of Young Giver Communities, supported by a strong ecosystem to achieve social good.

Sponsoring a local community of young givers is a great way for corporations to receive positive recognition for improving their local communities while supporting young people.

Young Giver and Young Giver Award were initiated by Croeni Foundation to advance a philanthropic society through youth outreach and education.

Please get in touch with us to explore synergies at

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Young Giver Award

Once a year, the Young Giver Award rewards outstanding individuals who make the best giving decisions in their community and…